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A Bit of Background

Girls Room Ministry began in 2016 when Founder, Asia Garrison, recognized that she wanted to help women discover their purpose, inspire one another and live pure lives. The foundation of Girls Room was laid three years prior to the establishment of the ministry, when Asia would send routine thought-provoking text messages to around 25 women. By 2016, the numbers had almost quadrupled and she was sending messages to nearly 100 women. The texts delivered motivational and uplifting messages meant to encourage and inspire the women they were sent to. Asia’s desire to impact women’s lives grew tremendously and she started “God Bless The Queens” slightly before Girls Room came into existence. God Bless The Queens was a blog that provided readers with similar content to the text messages Asia sent, but in the digital atmosphere for readers all over the world. Still eager to touch the lives of young women, Asia later realized that she wanted to construct a space where she could talk to women face-to-face, woman-to-woman, without any judgement being cast or opinions being formed. On September 28, 2016, Girls Room Ministry held its first meeting. Girls Room now hosts in-person and virtual group meetings for women 18 years of age and above.

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"The enemy only wins when you stop believing that God is greater."

Asia Garrison

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